Ford EcoSport

Bigger seems to be the order of the day. We, consumers, appear to have an appetite for bigger things. Notice how the trend with mobile cellular phones has changed from compact being desirable to bigger ones being the order of the day. Everything literally has a “plus”. The only things that seem to be shrinking are the denim sizes that 21st century gentle brothers are wearing. Tight. The pattern of going bigger has also hit the motoring world. Consumers want bigger cars.

Ford has taken advantage of this by producing the EcoSport. Now I can already imagine you thinking how has Ford gone bigger with the EcoSport when it is their smallest SUV?  You’re probably thinking it’s the green stuff that recently got legalized that’s making me say this.

But you’re wrong.

This is how: The Ford EcoSport is actually based on the Ford Fiesta.  It uses the same chasis, transmission, engines and other components from a Fiesta. It was then built into SUV form. Put simply the EcoSport is a bigger Fiesta. Now this is a good thing because the Fiesta is already a brilliant well put together, well thought out car. Perhaps crossover vehicle or MPV are better terms to describe it then?

I love road trips! The Ford Ecosport was the perfect pick for my little excursion. It’s a snappy crossover vehicle, ideal for weekend and city drives and all manner of terrain. From the outside, the recent model is more angular and has a sportier appearance than its predecessor. I’ve had the pleasure of driving an EcoSport as a courtesy vehicle in the past and this Ford derivative has certainly had a nip and tuck! It is the summation of compact and practical and this car definitely holds its own.

I’m obsessed with the black trim 16” alloy wheels; they’re trendy and bold and they stand out.

The ground clearance is perfect; you don’t feel as though you’re towering other vehicles on the road nor do you experience the vulnerability of being in a smaller matchbox vehicle.

The rear mounted spare wheel will bring nostalgia to many. Back in the 90s most of the premium SUVs had their spare wheels mounted on the tailgate. It became a symbol of success. Apart from making the car appear pretty cool the placement of the spare wheel also allows for more boot space.

The interior has ample space; and snug but it could do with a driver armrest, especially in the automatic transmission versions where your left hand often feels left out on the driving action.

Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment touchscreen system is a great addition in the newer Ford models, which includes navigation. The screen also streams the output from the rear camera when reversing.

The fuel consumption is great, it wasn’t as frugal as I’d imagined but it certainly won’t break the bank. It’s an ideal SUV for city runs and drives well under poorer road surfaces.

Ford literally started this segment and we believe they have come back with a stronger product.  The Mazda CX3 is its closest competitor, the rest of the cars in this segment don’t quite have that all so important X factor that one looks for when buying a new vehicle, fortunately the EcoSport has this in bucket-loads.

Get a test drive!

Ms Sibongiseni Mabunda

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