Tiguan All Space

In a previous review by this publication the Tiguan was described as one of the most beautiful cars to come from Volkswagen in recent times. Its edgy styling and beautifully configured silhouette make it easy on the eye.

On paper the Tiguan rivals cars like the Ford Kuga, Opel Grandland X and Jeep Renegade but in reality and from an aesthetics standpoint it is simply better by far and is more comparable to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the likes. The irony is that the previous Tiguan was terrible looking and looked so dated that one could only reasonably compare it to the Toyota Venture.

Volkswagen announced that it would produce a 7 seater version of the Tiguan dubbed the Tiguan All Space. This made me somewhat nervous because if VW could not pull it off this would tarnish the Tiguan name which we now associated with beauty.

Part of what makes the Tiguan beautiful is that well balanced length to width ratio. Adding an extra row of seats would inevitably mean making it longer and in doing so altering the primary aspect that brought the fantastic visual appeal.

Surprisingly VW managed to pull it off, while the Tiguan All Space is not as good looking as its 5 seater sibling it is still a good looking car. The All Space is 210mm longer than the Tiguan.

VW was smart, they made the All Space less edgy and more smooth this allows for the added length to be less noticeable and it ultimately gives it a more grown up look.

It was time to drive one my favourite cars, this and I mean it when I say the Tiguan is a joy to ride. It’s smooth. It’s comfortable. It’s spacious. It’s the perfect for the entry level SUV enthusiast. The interior is neat and uncluttered, it looks and feels upscale. The audio control is simple and has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate.

If you’re a shopaholic cum gym bunny like me, you’ll appreciate the sizable cargo space, which can also transform into additional seating space – a three row 7-seater. Even with the third row of seats up I still had an impressive 230l of boot space.  Perfect for a family looking for stylish comfort. It’s small enough to parallel park in a city, yet spacious enough as a utility vehicle.

The leg room on the third row is bad! Only the shortest of people can sit there comfortably. It is mainly for kids. The windows at the very back of the Tiguan All Space have been extended this allows passengers seated in the third row to have a view outside and not feel like they’re seated in the boot or are being kidnapped.

The acceleration is slightly sluggish, but once it kicks in, it pulls! The technology is overwhelming so I didn’t get to learn everything but I was most impressed by the driver aid technology. The auto brake assist is a personal favourite so you’ll never be liable in a pile up! Other advanced safety features include blind spot warning, forward collision warning and rear-cross traffic warning.

The All Space has reasonable off-road capabilities but it certainly is not the kind of car you want to take on extreme bush safari 4×4 off-road trails. It is something that you take your friends and family with on on-road adventures.

The suspension is surprisingly stiffer than I expected it to be so it allows for better performance on bends but this does come at a compromise of comfort.

I really love this car, it’s a frugal compact SUV, very fuel efficient – I managed to get 9l/100km. It’s worth the price point. The test vehicle was the 2.0TSI with 162kw of power and 350nm of torque. I would have preferred it to have a bit more toque to allow for a more immediate response when accelerating which would also help one take advantage of its generous 162kw of power.

All in all the Tiguan is a great car and I still look forward to owning one.


Article: Ms Sibongiseni Mabunda



Tiguan All Space 1.4TSI Trendline                                                   R463 400

Tiguan All Space 2.0TSI Trendline 4Motion Comfortline                  R523 800

Tiguan All Space 2.0TDI Trendline 4Motion Comfortline                  R571 100

Tiguan All Space 2.0TSI Trendline 4Motion Comfortline                  R604 800



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