We Drive the all new Ford Fiesta

7th Generation Ford Fiesta

Fiesta, a word of Spanish origin which refers to a celebration marked by joy, dancing and fun.  It also refers to Ford’s segment B hatch, the Ford Fiesta. The name itself already gives you a hint of what to expect from the car and also sets high standards for it. So let me make it clear from the onset, I was expecting the all new 7th generation Ford Fiesta to be, as its name suggests, nothing but fun

My expectations were not limited to the car, but any event which involves or is for the Fiesta should pay homage to the name. In that regard I truly cannot fault Ford South Africa. The launch of the new Fiesta was an absolute fiesta!

Before you can assess whether a car is good or not, you would have to first understand its intended purpose. It would be preposterous to judge Siya Kolisi’s talent on his hockey skills.

Broadly speaking what we expect from a segment B hatch back is an aesthetically pleasing car, good boot and cabin space, great fuel economy, value for money and the latest technology and safety features. However this needs to be married into a combination that works and that is the difficult part.

From an aesthetic point of view the new Ford Fiesta works for us. It’s got a refreshing rather subtle look which doesn’t scream for attention. There is a new trend where car manufacturers make cars that all have this go-fast boy racer look so it’s comforting to see that Ford took the other road in this department. Let’s save that for the ST.

The exterior is immediately recognisable as a Fiesta. Notable changes are the rear lights which are no longer vertical but take on a horizontal stance. This makes the Fiesta appear even wider.

The new Fiesta doesn’t have an Ambiente trim anymore. What does this mean? Simply put this means that there is no “base” model! This is fantastic. This means that we won’t be seeing Fiestas with steel wheels! The Fiesta is offered in Trend and Titanium trim, and in Trend trim it comes with 16 inch alloy wheels while the Titanium is offered with 17 inch alloys. I commend Ford for this move. Base models have always been the bane of my existence, they are basically offered with nothing but a steering wheel and doors.

The Fiesta comes standard with a whole lot of features which you would ordinarily have to get as optional features. The standard features include, but are not limited to, auto on/off headlights, touch screen infotainment system and traction control. I think two of these standard features are worth further elaboration. The first one being the hill-start assist, this is really fantastic as it means that you can still buy your manual car and not have to worry about it rolling back on uphill climbs, a feature I believe many ladies will appreciate and you won’t have to spend a cent more on that, meaning you’re left with money for new heels – go get them!  Then the reverse sensors. These are mandatory for people with young children because these little cute human beings do not appear in the rear view mirror while reversing. The reverse sensors also don’t come at any added cost so guess what you also will have money left to take the little one out for ice cream – do the right thing mommy. The Titanium trim comes loaded with even more standard options including key-less entry and start.

The interior is alright, I do feel that it is on the conservative side of the fence. It does spot a touch screen display which features Ford’s sync 3 system which allows one to connect their mobile devices effortlessly via Apple car Play and Android Auto. So even if you buy the Trend trim without navigation you can connect your iPhone and just go to maps and have navigation on the screen and audio through the speakers we tried this and it works (thank me later).

It is offered with an automatic gearbox with paddle shift, which really works and allows you to rev it up really high before it forces a gear shift. I didn’t enjoy driving the automatic until I tried out the paddle shift which was great. You can also purchase your Fiesta with a manual gearbox, and get this NO more 5 speed, the Fiesta now comes standard with a 6 speed gearbox. You can purchase your Ford Fiesta with the award winning 1.0l eco-boost engine or with the fuel saving 1.5 diesel. The 1.0l comes in 74kw/170nm as well as a 92kw/170nm engine and the 1.5TDCI comes with a 63kw/175nm engine. All three engines have enough juice for city and highway driving. Our driving style on the day does not allow me to give fair feedback on its fuel economy and I will reserve comment on that until I get more time to spend with it, which should be soon.

Should you buy this car? Yes, you might have seen on the @MzansiRides Instagram account that we have recommended it to a number of young professionals and those that have went for the purchase love it. Have you seen the colour options though?


1.0T Trend Manual  – R261 900

1.0T Trend Auto       – R277 300

1.5TDCI Trend Manual – R292 500

1.0 EcoBoost Titanium Manual – R295 900

1.0 EcoBoost Titanium Manual – R310 600

Article by Marcus Phathwa

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