Volkswagen makes russian sausages! Is this the solution to our listeriosis crisis?

Firstly, I would like to start this blog post by stating that this is not a joke. Volkswagen the motor manufacturer also makes russian sausages! I was also very particular about not writing up this blog post on the first of April as people would think it is an April’s fool’s joke.

The actual name which these sausages go by is Volkswagen Currywurst.  The pork based VW Currywurst has similar ingredients as any normal russian sausage that you can buy at any shop.  The VW russian is however not a new phenomenon, it is not VW’s attempt to make a quick buck from the listeriosis crisis which we have in Mzansi. The VW Currywurst was produced by VW as early as 1973. It was originally intended for VW factory workers as part of an easy to eat meal with all the protein and nutrition needed as a source of energy to make the VW cars.

The VW russian sausage was so much of a success that it began being sold nationwide in the country of Germany.  It is now sold and distributed internationally to over 11 countries! I think the most interesting part about the VW russians is that in 2015 VW sold 1.3 million more sausages than they did cars!

The sausage is labeled as an official VW original part . What this means is that, technically, one should be able to walk into a VW dealership and go to the parts department to order their VW russians. I was actually intending to visit my local VW dealer and do this but I could not because of time constraints. So if you live close to a VW dealership pop in, go to their parts department and ask for part number 199 398 500 A; and let us know if you found your original VW russians.

Considering the fact that VW makes both the bestselling car as well as second bestselling car in Mzansi I do think our local sausage producers may have a problem if these were to be added in to the mainstream Mzansi market.


Article by Marcus Phathwa


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