Why the GTI guy can probably take your girlfriend

Why the GTI guy can probably take your girl?


We have heard this before. We have seen the memes. Some may have witnessed it live. Others may even be GTI victims [our condolences]. Is this true though? Is there some hormone in females that make them attracted to guys that drive GTI’s or is it simply just another legend that got hyped up by the many funny memes and stories. Let’s explore this.
Let us first start by defining what a “GTI” is in this context. A GTI, as used in this blog post, refers to a Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI and Golf 7 GTI (including the ClubSport), and nothing else.

It’s not quite as simplistic as the title suggests but there is certainly some truth to it. There is no denying that the car you drive has some sort of appeal to it. A fancy car generally says that you’re successful. Success is attractive. While at over R400k a GTI is not cheap it’s also not on the high end of the expensive side.

The GTI has come to represent fun, independence, youth and a certain degree of success. When you see a GTI you think bachelor flat, nights out partying till the AMs and multi car convoy road trips. When you see a guy in (for example) a C63 by contrast, you think a wife and 5 kids at home, lots of long nights in his office, always tired, just wants to cheat on his wife in peace.

While we have joked about it and seen the memes that GTI guys do not have a whole lot of money, they are certainly not broke. It may be true to a certain extent that they are not loaded but this in no way makes them less attractive. Why? Well simple, lots of females are now getting educated and hustling for themselves and making their own paper so the amount of money that a guy makes is no longer a huge factor for many, as long as he can hold himself down. What they want is a guy that can show them a good time and have lots of great times together. The GTI guy knows all the hotspots to be at around town they know all relevant people and the in-crowd and they will introduce you to this crowd where it’s not really about who has more money than who and who can buy how many 21 year old bottles of whiskey but more about contentment and having a good time with   mates.

See, as a girl, when you travel with the GTI guy in his GTI he wants to drive around and show you off. People must know that he is rolling around with a gorgeous female, that on its own makes his GTI more appealing. And, realistically speaking females, actually everyone, likes the feeling of someone taking pride in you and wanting people to know of you. On the other hand your typical C63 guy will be making every effort to try hiding you just so his wife doesn’t find out. Forget convoys and driving around in the hood you will be hidden at some hotel, luxury hotel though.

I remember in 2010, as a student in Cape Town. We were driving around in a convoy of two cars on a Saturday afternoon. The cars were a BMW e90 330i with all the bells and whistles the other was a GTI. We were about to go out on our usual nights partying and what’s a night out without females right? So we went to local hang out and chilled invited a group of girls to join us, there was four of them. After that we all decided to leave together to go clubbing and when we got to the cars guess what? All four girls wanted to get into the GTI. None of them were interested in getting into the BMW. They ended up all in the GTI sitting on each other’s laps on the back seat while a car traveling to the same place was half empty, simply because none of them wanted to be in the BMW and potentially miss out on all the fun the GTI guy may bring in future. There are many similar stories to this.

So will buying a GTI automatically guarantee that you will get laid? Sadly not, as many defeated nerds that graduate run to Volkswagen dealerships in the hopes that they will finally lose their virginities have learned that this is not the case. It would be very disrespectful and quite misguiding to say that women will simply be attracted to you because of the car you drive, but the car you drive will give you their attention what you do from there is up to you player. I do, however advice you to hold on tighter to your girl when you see a GTI.

Marcus Phathwa


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